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Im getting home now … 0552 after being bought for 2000 of a xxxxxxxx man:-D Im so horny and dirty!!! We had kinky sex in his hotelroom. We exchanged numbers and maybe he will call me next time he is here or in xxxxxxxxx. On my way home I hurt my knee, so I have been limping. Maybe I was a little stressed. It was just outside the hotel. It hurts like hell even though im pissdrunk and high on coke:-p But everything also feels very cool and dirty! Love u!


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What a totally different day to wake up to. Walking around with wolfeyes smoking. I imagine that I am Dracula and Dionysus. I whirl like leafs in the autumn wind smiling. My Mina had lust last night. My meanad danced the crazy dance of desire. I lovelive my lovelife. Im Legion and I suck on your stories loveblood and I swell.


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My knee hurts and im so hangover, the only thing I do is lie on my sofa masturbating like crazy. Ive done it 6 times now. My pussy hurts but I just can’t stop …

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